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The Fulton Schools of Engineering offer unparalleled research opportunities to both undergraduate and graduate students. The Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative (FURI) provides hands-on lab experience and thesis-based research, with opportunities to travel to professional conferences.

In addition to housing more than 40 research centers and labs, six of which are National Science Foundation Centers, Fulton also has wide-reaching collaboration programs with more than two dozen industry partners.

No matter what gets your heart beating when it comes to exploring new and exciting engineering technologies, at least one of Fulton’s five major research themes — Education, Energy, Health, Security and Sustainability — is bound to capture your attention.

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Fulton Schools and Barrett Honors

Many Fulton Schools of Engineering undergraduate students are part of the unique community at Barrett, The Honors College. Honors students enjoy select opportunities to travel abroad, earn scholarships, attend special events specifically for honors students, and receive funding to travel and complete their creative projects/theses. Students have the opportunity to stretch their learning capabilities through a customized honors curriculum.

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Grand Challenge Scholars Program

Grand Challenge Scholars receive the well-rounded preparation needed to tackle complex social issues in the areas of health, energy, sustainability, security and education. Students admitted to the Grand Challenge Scholars Program combine experiences in research, service learning, entrepreneurship and leadership, with the development of a global perspective and interdisciplinary thinking. Grand Challenge Scholars receive a unique endorsement from the National Academy of Engineering upon completion of the program.

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EPICS: Engineering Projects in Community Service

The Engineering Projects in Community Service program, known as EPICS Gold at ASU, is an award-winning community service and social entrepreneurship program. Through EPICS, you have the opportunity to get a hands-on approach to problem solving while making an impact in the community. You will enter the workforce with the ability to design innovative solutions to meet client needs in a dynamic environment.

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Student organizations and teams

If you are interested in fun, leadership, outreach, career growth and networking opportunities, you should check out opportunities with the more than 60 student organizations and teams in the Fulton Schools of Engineering. There are honors and professional societies, diversity organizations, service and major-specific groups, and competitive teams that provide ample opportunities for you to find a group that suits your needs, whether it is gaining hands-on experience working on a team or socializing with peers who share the same passion.

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Academic Bowl

The Academic Bowl pits teams from ASU’s colleges and schools against each other in lightning-fast question-and-answer rounds. Questions can cover any topic—from world politics and pop culture, to history and geography, to world literature. If you have a passion for learning, possess a wide range of knowledge about various (possibly obscure) topics, and can quickly hit a buzzer, consider trying out for the team. Not only will you have a blast ring off answers in a fast-paced event, but you also have a chance to win scholarship money and the coveted championship title.

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FURI: Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative

As a FURI researcher, you will solve real-world problems; investigate possible career paths; build a mentoring relationship with a faculty member outside of class; gain a competitive advantage for graduate school or jobs and internships; and gain essential skills for career success. Through this paid research opportunity, you will conduct research with a faculty mentor and present your research findings at a semiannual FURI Symposium. FURI allows you to experience every step of a research project from the initial proposal for funding to the final presentation of your accomplishments and hard work

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eProjects program and capstones

Through capstone projects and the eProjects program, you will work as part of a team to solve a challenge defined by an industry partner. Faculty and industry mentors will offer guidance and support throughout your team’s project development process. Project results are then presented at the end of each semester, for industry partners and the public to attend.

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Study Abroad

Experience a new culture, learn professional practices used outside of the U.S., become competitive in a global job market and see the world in a new way. Visiting a different country is a valuable opportunity to expand your worldview and gather insight and inspiration from a different perspective. From exchange and partnership programs, to faculty-directed summer programs, the study abroad experience will enhance your understanding of engineering and technical concepts, global business perspectives, world issues and societies.

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Fulton Schools Startup Center

The Fulton Engineering Startup Center empowers all Fulton Schools undergraduate and graduate students to advance their entrepreneurial ideas for the benefit of our economy and society. The Startup Center offers signature entrepreneurship and innovation courses, workshops, expert mentoring, new venture competitions, and other curricular and extracurricular events that expose students to the concepts of technology innovation and marketplace impact.

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