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Engineering school isn’t just about classes. We believe that the extra-curricular programs at Fulton are a critical component to our standing as a world-class school.

From accelerated degree programs to research initiatives to internships and study abroad, the opportunities available to you at Fulton will make you a better student, community member and global citizen.

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Grand Challenge Scholars Program

Grand Challenge Scholars receive the well-rounded preparation needed to tackle complex social issues in the areas of health, energy, sustainability, security and education. Students admitted to the Grand Challenge Scholars Program combine experiences in research, service learning, entrepreneurship and leadership, with the development of a global perspective and interdisciplinary thinking. Grand Challenge Scholars receive a unique endorsement from the National Academy of Engineering upon completion of the program.

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EPICS: Engineering Projects in Community Service

The Engineering Projects in Community Service program, known as EPICS Gold at ASU, is an award-winning community service and social entrepreneurship program. Through EPICS, you have the opportunity to get a hands-on approach to problem solving while making an impact in the community. You will enter the workforce with the ability to design innovative solutions to meet client needs in a dynamic environment.

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FURI: Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative

As a FURI researcher, you will solve real-world problems; investigate possible career paths; build a mentoring relationship with a faculty member outside of class; gain a competitive advantage for graduate school or jobs and internships; and gain essential skills for career success. Through this paid research opportunity, you will conduct research with a faculty mentor and present your research findings at a semiannual FURI Symposium. FURI allows you to experience every step of a research project from the initial proposal for funding to the final presentation of your accomplishments and hard work

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Accelerated bachelor’s + master’s programs

Accelerated programs offer exceptional students in the Fulton Schools the opportunity to combine advanced undergraduate course work with graduate course work to earn a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in as little as five years.

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Study Abroad

Experience a new culture, learn professional practices used outside of the U.S., become competitive in a global job market and see the world in a new way. Visiting a different country is a valuable opportunity to expand your worldview and gather insight and inspiration from a different perspective. From exchange and partnership programs, to faculty-directed summer programs, the study abroad experience will enhance your understanding of engineering and technical concepts, global business perspectives, world issues and societies.

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Internships and Cooperative Education Program

Gain practical work experience related to your major through experiential learning programs offered by our industry partners in conjunction with the Fulton Schools of Engineering and our Career Center. Internships are usually one summer of supervised work experience related to your chosen career field. The Cooperative Education Program (co-op) is a longer-term commitment that alternates semesters of formal classroom education with major-related practical work experience, thereby helping students make the school-to-work transition. These opportunities foster professional, personal and skill development, and are usually paid.

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Undergraduate Teaching Assistants

The Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UGTA) program hires successful undergraduate students to serve as teaching assistants in Fulton Schools of Engineering classes. UGTAs assist faculty members by leading, engaging and mentoring students in exploratory and collaborative learning activities within the classroom and lab environment.

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Order of the Engineer

Order of the Engineer is an association that emphasizes integrity, pride and responsibility in the engineering profession. Graduating seniors in ABET-accredited engineering programs make a commitment to these ideals and receive a ring symbolizing this commitment. Students have an opportunity to be involved at a national level and to join engineers throughout the country to uphold the commitment they have taken.

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Fulton Schools Startup Center

The Fulton Engineering Startup Center empowers all Fulton Schools undergraduate and graduate students to advance their entrepreneurial ideas for the benefit of our economy and society. The Startup Center offers signature entrepreneurship and innovation courses, workshops, expert mentoring, new venture competitions, and other curricular and extracurricular events that expose students to the concepts of technology innovation and marketplace impact.

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